ВИДЕО: Австралијанка има гради како топки, Памела Андерсон би ѝ завидела - одлично се снаоѓа и во кошарката

Со над 2 милиони следбеници на Инстаграм Џем Вулфи важи за една од највлијателните личности на социјалните мрежи. Нејзините фотографии јасно покажуваат зошто е тоа така.

Убавата Австралијанка на секоја снимка гордо ги истакнува своите гради, а на начинот со кои се служи со топката може да ѝ позавиди секој кошаркар. Погледнете:

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Boston Baby  Get more cheeky pics at the link in my bio for only $5

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MONDAY MOTIVATION My mini cut starts today! Why? Because I’ve been lacking a little self motivation lately and I need a reason to push! I’ve been feeling a bit shit, tired, poor sleep, bad eating patterns.... list goes on! But that’s fine as we all get a bit slack at some stages through life. When? Now until middle of August with my partner in crime Steph. What? I will be attending intense boxing & MMA classes as well as strength and resistance training, basketball and eating consistently healthy ( except weekends! I’m strict but not that strict! ) I’ll be posting my meals on my stories as well as workout sneak peeks. I will check in with a body update at 2 weeks and then after the 4 weeks. I’m posting it to push myself... Sometimes you guys help me stick to my goals & I can’t wait to feel fit and strong but still thicc and curvy! Do you wanna join me and do a little mini cut with me? You don’t need a specific reason or a new year to do one you just need a little inspiration! Let me be that for you & lets do it together! 

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Off to UK next week  #linkinbio

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